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End of ’07

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No, this isn’t my last update letter ever. Just my last one of 2007.

First, a short recap of my week. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were TERRIFIC. We had an awesome time on the 24th at our cousins’ house (or, the Bayer family). We sang carols, drank coffee, opened a few presents, shared a few poems, had a lot of good laughs, and spent some good time catching up. It was so good to see extended family again.
Christmas Day was extra-special this year because my sister and her husband were able to spend it with our family for once, so they came over early in the morning and we all opened presents together. I received a homemade suit of jammies, a travel-size Bible, a boatload of Ralph Lauren socks, a bunch of junk foods, and a few other cool items. We spent the day goofing off, playing hockey, drinking more coffee, playing board games, and watching our new movie, ‘The Enterprising Vagabonds.’ We had more fun than is healthy for the average Joseph!
On the 26th we went shopping and bought clothes. That night, we went to the New Hope Ice Arena for the all-state Christmas Varsity Hockey Tournament, in which Grace and her team were participating. I was a volunteer for selling tickets, so from 4:30 in the evening until 7:00 I was working in the box office, selling tickets, handing out programs, giving away raffle tickets, and marking people’s hands with a blue marker. It was an interesting new experience, but nothing too special. I handled lots of money, which was cool. Then we watched Grace’s game and cheered her on.
Thursday night our cousins Dave, Joy, and James Peterson arrived from Florida to spend the weekend with us. It was really good to see them again! We’ve been having a great time playing hockey and dinking around. They came with us on Friday night to watch Grace’s final hockey game of the tournament, and it was so much fun. I helped act as a assistant DJ at the game: during the between-period ice cleaning, we’d hook my iPod up to the PA and play cool music for everyone in the stadium. I think I would really enjoy a part-time job as a DJ, but it’s not something I’d pursue. At least right now. 😛
Friday and Saturday morning were spent cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cleaning. Our house, eventually, was spotless. Then the party began.

We invited about 160 people to our house for a massive party which took place yesterday, the 29th of December. Only around 60 folks showed up, but it was a BLAST. I hadn’t had so much fun in ages. I got to finally see some amazing people I hadn’t talked with in months, we played hockey, board and card games, snow volleyball, had a nighttime bonfire in the snow, and generally lived it up. I really can’t describe how fun it was: words fail me. It was the best, most glorious bit of social life I’ve experienced in a long time. My heart has been lifted pretty high by yesterday’s goings-on. I really lament that not everyone invited could attend, as their presence was most vehemently coveted, but even so the party was a complete… ball. Minus dancing.
Odd and ironic, then, that my nasty sickness should reach it’s zenith the night before the party! Indeed, my cold hit a definite high point Friday night and has showed no signs of leaving me. My throat was incredibly sore and dry all day during the party, and exerting myself on the hockey rink helped nothing. Also, I did a LOT of talking, so by the time I hit the sack at about 1:00 am, I had no voice left. I still can’t be heard very easily, unless I give my vocal cords full throat in the lower registers. Indeed, I hit some record low notes as I sang in church this morning. I’m not sure if I was in tune, but I was the deepest bass in the entire assembly. On the plus side, the phlegm has loosened and I can at least cough without racking pain, so praise the Lord in that area. I hope to be better soon.

2007 has been the most eventful year of my entire life. To prove it, here’s a list of


  1. Robbinsdale, MN
  2. Hinsdale, IL
  3. Oakbrook, IL
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Indianapolis, IN
  6. Big Sandy, TX
  7. Nashville, TN
  8. Remer, MN

Hmmmm… not as long as I thought it would be. Anyways, now that I’m back home, it seems like no time has passed since before I went to Chicago. It seemed like I was there forever, and now it’s just a blur in my mind. This year has gone by way too fast for comfort, and by all accounts, years only go by faster as one gets older. Not that I mind: I’ve kinda become attracted to the idea of being an old man. But as I age, there are things I must begin, continue, and finish, and some of them should happen this year. My resolutions for this next year are extremely practical:

  1. Get a productive, worthwhile job
  2. Buy a decent car
  3. Get started on saving for my own film equipment
  4. Finish my Epic Poem
  5. Get halfway finished with my novel
  6. Finish writing my stage-play
  7. Resume trumpet studies
  8. Begin experimenting in musical composition
  9. Begin compiling a Dueck Boys music album

And so as my sickness-ridden, sore, exhausted, bruise-covered body crawls towards another new year (the one which shall see me turn 20 years old! Gasp!), I reflect on all that God has done for me and where He has led me, and where He shall lead me next, and I am filled with a sense of both hope and dread. I’m not exactly sure what God will teach me and what new things He will make me do, but I pray that my heart will be receptive enough to receive His instructions, His warnings, and His promptings, and that I will be alert enough to know when He is speaking to me.
Pictures from this entire week can be found at Simply click on the ‘Christmas Week’ collection on the right-hand side of the page to see around 90+ pictures from this week. I have attached below a few of my favourites. A VERY long video about the party will be on pretty soon, probably by tomorrow night sometime. To all those who read this, may you have a blessed, amazing New Year’s celebration, and I shall be praying for you as we all blindly venture forth into yet another 12 months of what could very well turn out to be madness! Pray that this would be a year for becoming more of the Man God created me to be. I sure need it.

And pray for my sis Paige: she’s gonna be pretty busy this year as she goes back to Dallas, TX for a leadership position in the Advanced EXCEL program. I’m sure she could use your support.

Godspeed! Love all!
~Dave Dueck, thine bro and pal

“And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

–Isaiah 12: 12-14, my life verses.

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December 30, 2007 at 5:52 pm

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And another thing…

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…I forgot to mention this in my earlier update, so here it is now:

I made a small photo slideshow spanning my year in Chicago and posted it at Foopaux. It’s about 12 min. long, so if your connection is slow you may have trouble watching it, but it does a pretty good job of summarizing a bunch of the things I did and the places I went and the people I met this year. Check it out if you feel like it!

That’s it.


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December 24, 2007 at 1:10 am

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Dave’s Christmas Update!

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I know it’s only been a matter of three or four days since my last update, but I find myself, as always, challenged to get this thing out on time each week, and since I had a chance to actually write on a Sunday, I figured I should take advantage of it. The upshot, however, is that this will be pretty short, unless I decide to elaborate on the more mundane aspects of the latter half of this week.

Since I got my computer fixed, there has been a non-stop temptation to use it. And use it. And use it. And even (gasp!) use it. And then, if I have time, I use my computer *some more*. If I ever have a moment when I’m *not* using it, then my brothers are asking to use it. It’s funny that I have more sisters with computers than brothers with computers, but, then again, I have more sisters than brothers, period. Anyways, I’m finding it hard to be social with my family. I think I needed that time of computer-less-ness to remind me that I DID come home to a *family*, and that they should be at least a significant part of my life now. Not that I mind this: I think it’s awesome to be home with the folks again. There has been not one dull moment for me since my return to Minnesota. But even so, it can be hard to get one’s priorities straight once in a while, and I need to do that.
It’s really begun to hit me just how much I really miss everyone I met in Chicago. I knew it would happen, but there’s no real way to prepare for it. All year I hated it when people I knew and loved would go back home, but I never realized just how it felt to be the one leaving. I don’t miss the *place*, and I don’t miss the *work*, and I don’t miss the *lack of three decent meals a day*, but I certainly miss the people. Like crazy. And I know I’ll be seeing them again (perhaps quite soon), but it doesn’t minimize much. Anyways, that’s been one main thing that hit me this week.

The other main thing is my beard. Or attempt at one. I began growing it before I left Chicago, and I actually think it’s been advancing at a pretty good clip (no pun intended), it might be an acceptable excuse for facial hair by the time our family party rolls ’round on the 29th. They say it takes around a month to get a decent beard, and it’s only been a little over two weeks, but it’s still not bad. You can see it with the naked eye. And it’s not one of these lame goatee-thingies that some guys grow because they can’t grow enough full-facial hair to catch the attention of the casual passers-by: mine is a full beard (or will be). You can see hazy spy photographs of my beard (and pictures of lots of other recent events) at Flickr. Why bother, you ask, with the beard? Because I can, for one thing. For another, I wanted *to see* if I could. For another, it’s mighty cold up here in Minnesota, and I need something more organic than a scarf to keep my head warm. At least until the 1st of January, which is when my Mom will make me shave it. *Sigh*. (BTW, all these asterisks are for emphasis, and because they’re more Christmas-y than capital letters or italics. They remind me of little small snowflakes.)

We’ve been gearing up for the Christmas holiday, as I’m sure most/all of you are doing. Yesterday us kids went to my sister and her husband’s house to make our annual batch of sweet Christmas cookies, some of which will hopefully survive the Big Day and subsequent scavenging and make it to the party on the 29th to be admired by many of you, and then finally put out of their misery in jolly fashion. This year I think I rather extended myself in the creativity department, at least regarding the decoration of gingerbread cookies. I only wish my older sister had not claimed them and made me leave ’em at her house. After making the cookies, we had pizza and watched the excellent movie “Meet the Robinsons,’ a documentary made by Walt Disney Pictures about my family. While we were gone, our parents spent the day wrapping Christmas presents, so when we arrived home last night, a big heap of secret goodness awaited us. The moment I saw all those gleaming gifts, I decided I was in the mood for a little Christmas.

Friday we went to see ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets,’ the latest load of tripe from Jerry Bruckheimer and pals. I wondered why they released this movie in December: it should have been a June release or, better yet, stowed in a vault and never seen the light of day. I have regarded the original ‘National Treasure’ movie as a guilty pleasure, an enjoyable, funny bit of nonsense with no redeeming value save helping to rekindle my interest in History. The next movie, though, was utterly preposterous. The plot formula was stale and completely predictable, the premise unbelievable, the acting uninspired, and the music was obnoxious. It *was* pretty funny in places, and the action was pretty exciting, but this was just the kind of movie that ends up making me mad: Hollywood has so much at its disposal that it… disposes it. It wastes money making films that are, frankly, complete drivel, but they *do it so well*!! The BEST movies that most Christians make cannot compete with the WORST that Hollywood churns out, at least as far as technical quality. In the end, though, I’m glad that I went to a matinee showing and cheated Disney out of a couple bucks. Heh, that was pretty fun.

The more exciting part of that day proved to be just GETTING to the theater. We were going to a special ‘monster’ theater with some friends, but we had to pick them up at their house before we went to the actual theater, and we didn’t know how to get to either. I printed out some directions and stuff, but just because a computer spits out some words in a special order, that does not mean it knows the way to a house, and also a theater. We ended up lost, turning around every 30 seconds, and calling people for directions. We finally got to the theater 1 minute before the show started. Then we had almost as much trouble getting back, because I took ANOTHER TWO wrong turns when leaving. Heh, that wasn’t pretty fun.
So anyways, this week some pretty fun stuff happened. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then Boxing Day, and then Saturday is our party, and then comes New Year’s Eve and Day. So this week will be pretty incredible. I’ll get to see a lot of old faces, open some new presents, give a few new presents, premier a movie, and host a party! For those of you who will be attending this party, please bring a dish of food if you can (if you can’t don’t, worry about it). If you need ideas for a food idea or you want to make sure that the dish you have in mind is good, email me. Otherwise, this concludes my broadcast day! Thanks for listening… reading… and I wish you every joy this week as we celebrate our Savior’s birth! Let the good times begin!!

Love All,

~Dave Dueck

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December 23, 2007 at 8:58 pm

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The reports of my death are, of course, greatly exaggerated.

The simple fact is that upon unpacking my computer the day I got home, I discovered to my infinite chagrin that it would not turn on. Pushing hard on the power button did nothing. Neither did kicking it or spitting on it. Sacrificing a floppy disc didn’t work, neither did intensive surgery. We eventually sent it to the hospital (St. Micro’s Center) and got a diagnosis. We discovered that the motherboard was shot, and my Dad ordered a new one. Finally, after more than a week of only sporadic computer use, I am back online with my own computer, and am able to write this long-overdue update and inform all those who care that I am indeed still alive and, what’s more, well. Kinda. Anyways, here’s my first from-home attempt at an update and I’ll try not to leave anything important out, though no promises are being made. Let’s see what I remember and let’s hope it makes sense.

The week after my last update was, frankly, partial Hell, and I shall gloss over the difficulties as much as possible. We spent the early part of the week preparing for the Christmas Conference. For the uninitiated, the IBLP Chrstmas Conference is a recreational time for the staff from all IBLP Training Centers to get together for some cool fun. Ice Skating, Snow Football, formal banquets, fellowship, etc. The video Dept., however, does not to participate in the fun stuff. It gets to TAPE the fun stuff and make a video about it. And that is no small task. It was the last Hurrah before the end of the IBLP work year. We spent Monday and Tuesday packing equipment, and Wednesday was our date of departure for Indianapolis, the location of the Conference. We were supposed to leave on Wednesday morning specifically, but due to a weird schedule and some nasty procrastination, we ended up leaving Wednesday Evening, and arrived at our destination at midnight. The first thing I noticed about our bedroom was how COLD it was. I would have gone outside to warm up, but it was so late the doors would have locked automatically. So I decided to take a shower before bed, and the floor of the bathroom was so cold that I expected to discover frozen mammoths behind the toilet. The water was warm though, so warm in fact that steam instantly filled the bathroom and prevented me from seeing even the shower curtain (from INSIDE the shower, mind you).

The next day was spent preparing for the taping of the conference. I shall not detail the actual work process, but I shall say that it was at this point that things began to feel like Partial Hell. Besides taping a few speaker sessions, we had to complete the IBLP Year in Review video and also film and edit the just-for-fun type video of the conference itself. This meant no socializing, little eating, and NO SLEEP. Indeed, the night of Friday and Saturday I was up all night and did not get any sleep until about 1:30 pm on Saturday. I was either shooting or editing all the time. I was up and about for 28 straight hours. Despite the workload, though, there WERE some memorable moments:

  • Ice Skating. I was allowed to take a small camcorder out onto the ice rink and videotape while skating. Very fun, very cool. I enjoyed myself more there than at any other part of the conference.
  • The Video Dept. received a standing ovation for the Christmas Conference Video! We were ushered up on stage and took a bow. An unexpected and extremely exhilarating experience. For once I felt famous, appreciated, worthwhile, admired, respected… you get the idea. It was cool. The only thing is, it’s hard to think about how much BETTER the video could have been, and how much prouder I could have been with the result, had my heart been in it. Frankly, I didn’t care two cents about the videos I helped make, and my attitude while working wasn’t the greatest. God was blessing me AGAIN despite my bad attitude, my lack of submission to authority, my lack of reliance on Him. When will I learn? Thank God He keeps giving me more chances.

After the showing of the conference videos, there was a fabulous dessert, after which people just stayed up and talked and played games and stuff until the wee hours of the morning. It was a good time. The nest day we tore down the equipment, traveled back to Chicago, unpacked and stowed all the equipment, and we were finished with work for the year! In celebration, the department went bowling. I bowled eight games that night and got a very sore forearm, but it was worth it. After that, I finished packing all my belongings, and the next morning my sibs (Joel, Paige and Grace) arrived to take me home. They stuck around for lunch, and it was there that I said all my final farewells to the amazing people I’d met during the year. It was difficult, but I know I shall see them again, and I thank God for the amazing times we DID have together. I pray to see them again soon! And, if any of you folks from IBLP are reading this, I want you to know that you were an AWESOME blessing to me this year. I will miss you all terribly!

We went home Monday. The trip was uneventful. I got home at about 10:30 pm and was unpacked the next morning. My computer, as mentioned, was broken, so I busied myself with resting, getting used to home life, and going on a few shopping sprees. You see, things are expensive in Chicago. There’s no Unique Thrift Store, and there’s no Half-Price Book stores, so anything you desire must either be saved for or stolen. Here at home, places for buying brand name stuff for dirt cheap abound, so I am now laden with enough new clothes and music CDs to weigh down a pack horse. And I love it!

Besides getting back in the home swing of things, I have also become official sibling chauffeur,and it even comes with a salary! Totally cool. Now I can drive whenever I want! Sunday afternoon, I was re-introduced to my old social circle as we went to Minneapolis for Handel’s Messiah. The performance was amazing, although the Bass singer had an annoying habit of vibrating his entire anatomy uncontrollably while sustaining longer notes. It was funny. After the Messiah we had a formal dinner party, complete with Victorian parlour games, carols, dessert, cider, a movie, and various goofing off and dinking around. After that, me and a few sibs went to the airport to pick up Joel, who had gone to North Carolina for a wedding. We went to the airport in our pajamas, bathrobes, and nightcaps, with slipper and fuzzy socks on our feet. I don’t know if you have ever ventured into as public a place as an airport in your nightclothes, but if you have, you will remember the strange looks some people gave you, the smiles from people who didn’t care, and the awesome feeling of sliding along a freshly-buffed smooth floor in fuzzy socks. We even brought some pop-tarts. It was fun. Watch for an upcoming video about the whole thing.

As I predicted to many folks, after all that work and so little rest for almost a month, I DID catch a nasty illness from which I am still recovering: a cold, the likes of which I haven’t experienced in ever so long. Vitamin C and some wholesome meals have fixed this, though, and I am on the road to wellness again. I also have been reminded of my fierce allergic reactions to cat hair, which is pretty abundant in this house since we own one of those abominable creatures. My Mom, in her mercy, has offered to get rid of the cat, which would be very nice. Part of me is thinking ‘Yes! Away with that spawn of the pit! God heal my nasty sinuses!’ while the other part of me thinks that it would be kinda sad for Mom and my sis to give up the cat, since they love it so much. But we’ll figure something out. I’ve also started cutting back on caffeine. I’m down from the pot and a half a day I WAS drinking to only 1 cup a day. Not bad! I feel like a teenager again.

This week I’ve been getting back into a regular routine which involves lots of activity. Running, working out at the YMCA, ice hockey, and driving sibs places pretty much take up most of my time, but I still have some time for reading tons of new books, taking the occasional nap, and sharing music with my sisters illegally. All in all, I have to say it’s awesome being home and I love it to death. I still miss the folks from IBLP very much, but it’s not like I’ll never see them again. You can see pictures from my last couple of weeks in Chicago at Flickr, and I plan on adding a few more, plus a video or three on once I get a chance. I hope you all are having an amazing Christmas season and I hope to see you all pretty soon! Sorry this was late!!

Love All,

~Dave Dueck

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December 20, 2007 at 10:20 am

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Dave’s Last IBLP Update

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As many of you know, I have been in the Chicago area for the better part of the year. In January, my Mom drove me here with all my junk (a Minivan full!) and left me. Not that I’m bitter or anything: she could have done much worse and not much better. 🙂 This year, like many years for many people, has lasted about 12 months, and has brought much change in my life. I find my horizons considerably broader than they were a year ago at this time. For example, if it weren’t for me being gone, I should not have had a reason to begin writing each of you on a weekly basis, because I either wouldn’t know you, or you would see my wretched face fairly regularly, which would mean I wouldn’t have to tell you what happened to it and why. Suffice it to say that this year has been simply ah-mazing. I’ve met more people, been in more places, done more traveling, learned more things, and eaten more salad than I ever have before. Sure, there have been some very difficult times, times when I despaired for not only my life but also the lives of good friends, but because this is my last update from IBLP (and also because it’s the Christmas Season), I shall minimize these trials and exaggerate the good things that happened to me. Besides, any ‘bad’ thing that happened to me this year served, in the end, to draw me closer to Jesus and increase my dependence and faith in Him, and that is reason enough for going through any trial, no matter how big or nasty or disheartening. Amen!

What I shall do now is give a brief description of how this year affected my spiritually (brief because the specifics have been documented and published previously), and then a brief description of how this week affected me emotionally and physically (brief because there’s not much to say, though THIS time it’s all positive). I shall then provide, for the sake of entertainment and a nice way of wrapping up this update and summarizing my feelings at this moment, a series of itemized lists which I’m sure you will find both instructive and delightful. This time, though, the lists are not for presents.

If there’s one thing you could say about Dave Dueck before he came to live at IBLP, it was that he had no life, or else a very small, simple, blah-nd one. He was not very social at all (in fact one would probably not exaggerate by saying he was an introvert). His life consisted of cheating through schoolwork (when cheats were available), reading far too many famous works of enduring literature, and his views of coffee were permissive and moderate. Upon coming to IBLP, his habits changed drastically. He was forced to interact with more people than he ever knew existed, and was also forced to get along with them. Schoolwork disappeared, so he was able to kick the cheating habit without too much trouble. He stopped reading because he never had time, and also because he was too busy. (That was a joke.) And finally, his consumption of coffee went through the roof, probably because his father sent him a very nice coffee maker and enough coffee beans to choke a good-sized sperm whale. Without a mother to temper his excesses, Dave took to the bottle (er, pot… er…) like nobody’s business. The absence of parental influence, in fact, proved tragic as Dave began to indulge in other areas, such as not doing laundry regularly, not washing dishes, neglecting the cleanliness of his apartment, and playing more video games than he was ever allowed to play at home. This trend continued and worsened for about two or three months, when Dave suddenly realized that Christianity and authority were playing almost no part whatever in his life, when they should have been the biggest part.

You have doubtless realized by this time that I am talking about myself (if the mention of the character ‘Dave Dueck’ didn’t tip you off, nothing will). Yes, is true! Parental influence was pretty much the only thing that kept me on the straight and narrow before I was sent out into world. I’m sure many of you may have experienced something similar. Mom goes shopping: all of a sudden the cookie jar looks far more interesting. Such was the case with me, and my relationship with God suffered. No, I take it back. It can’t suffer if it doesn’t exist. I was saved at age 9, but any convictions or disciplines I had were in my life because my parents put them there, and were not really my own. I never resented my parents telling me how to live and what to do: but there was no real, lasting power behind my ‘good’ behavior. I lived the way I lived because my parents were telling me what to do, and I once heard someplace that submission to one’s parents is generally advisable. It never really crossed my mind that I should be living clean because GOD wanted me to.

But when I was put on on my own, all those rules and stuff went out the window, or down the toilet, or through a hoop, or under my heel, or whatever. And when I came to and realized just how dumb, retarded and irresponsible I had become, I was appalled at how dumb, retarded, and irresponsible I really was! To make a long story short, I repented and came to have a much more meaningful relationship with Jesus than I ever had before. My conscience came alive, and all of a sudden my convictions were truly MINE. No longer was I riding on my parents’ back to Heaven: Not that there’s anything wrong with listening to one’s parents, but after a while a guy has to lstart hearing directly from God. And when God starts talking, it behooves one to listen and obey. Oh, and I learned about video, too. 🙂

This week was pretty much very cool. I went to a Hockey game on Wednesday, where I observed the Chicago Blackhawks p’wning the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yesterday (Saturday) I went downtown with some awesome pals to go ice skating. Pictures from both events are available at the usual venue. A video may be forthcoming, if there’s enough demand for one, or if I end up having time to make one, whichever occurs first. The skating was very cool: it snowed really hard whilst we slid about, and even when the Zamboni came out to clean the ice, there was plenty to do. I was temporarily ‘adopted’ by a young boy as his brother, in order to prevent another young boy from throwing a large snowball at him. My duties as temporary brother to this boy were few and simple, but immoral: should he get pasted, I was to beat up the perpetrator. I ended up being more of a diplomat than an outright superpower, though. Thank goodness. Beating up a little kid, however attractive the idea might be once in a while, is an uncouth use of one’s God-given resources and I might surely have felt guilty afterwards.

After an afternoon of skating and laughing and crashing into other skaters (other crashed more often than I did), we grabbed our booties (that’s ‘shoes,’ for those of confused vocabulary) and hightailed it for the train station, making a fatal stop at Starbuck’s for coffee on the way, and ended up late. By this time, the wonderful snow had given way to sleet and rain, and ice was covering EVERYTHING, with a very stiff cold wind to boot. We missed our train, so we waited out the hour by eating French Fries and looking pictures. We arrived back home extremely happy but exhausted (I did anyways), and I fell asleep accidentally, and arrived late for dinner, which by the way, was my first meal that day. Pizza, Brownies, and Celery. The perfect weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are other things I could mention and elaborate upon about this week, but it would take that much more time for me to write and that much more time for you to read, so I shall abstain. This week is the IBLP Christmas Conference in Indianapolis, which begins Friday and ends Saturday night. Sunday we all return to Chicago and then I shall return home, tired but joyous and very, very thankful for all God as done for me this year. It will be difficult to say goodbye to all the amazing people I’ve met this year, but I have no doubt we shall see each other again, and quite soon! As for all those of you at home, I shall see you soon enough, and await the day with great anticipation! I shall NOT be writing an update next weekend, due to my busy schedule, but this is by no means my last update: I shall continue to send them on a weekly basis when I have returned home. If you do not wish to receive these emails any longer, or if you think you have received them in error, please send a request to unsubscribe to Otherwise, I shall be writing again on December the 16th. Until then, may your nostrils have a moderate, inexcessive amount of hair and may your preparations for Christmas be blessed and joy-filled.

Love All,

~David Abraham Van Dueck, Esq., 4th Dueck in Line for Top Dog in the Legacy, formerly known as Chopped Liver to his Cousin.

AND NOW: The Lists (none of which are in any particular order)

Things I miss Most about Home:

  1. Going to Sam’s Club with my Mom and picking up the the Toilet Paper for her.
  2. My little sister(s) jumping on my back while I lay face-down on the floor
  3. Reading library books during lunch
  4. Brainstorming with my brothers, and making sound effects simultaneously
  5. Hearing Grace trip on the kitchen stairway
  6. Saturday Breakfast
  7. Saturday Dinner
  8. Sunday Night Ice Cream
  9. Friday Night Movies
  10. The solitude and physical activity of my old Paper Route
  11. Christmas Lights in my Bedroom
  12. The Dishwasher
  13. Two sinks in the Kitchen
  14. Unique Thrift Store
  15. Dinner at a Table with Family

Things I will miss Most about IBLP:

  1. Saturday Night Ping-Pong
  2. Sunday Night Ice Cream
  3. Going to Very Nice Restaurants once a week
  4. All the Amazing People
  5. Cafeteria Lunches of Unsurpassed Quality
  6. Scenery
  7. Hinsdale
  8. The Pallock Family
  9. The Johnson Family
  10. The Kallberg Family
  11. 50$ a week for no reason
  12. CharacterLink (heh)
  13. Birthday Buffets

Things I’ve Learned this Year:

  1. Nachos and chocolate CAN taste good together, but only at a LAN party.
  2. A whole day of working hard with friends is still a whole day of working hard.
  3. Commercial Video.
  4. There are NO such thing as real Vampyres (I’m sorry if I convinced anybody that I had really become one. I was mistaken. The guy who bit me was actually part beaver and needed to keep his incisors’ growth in check. The fact that I was in a graveyard during the incident was what threw me off).
  5. Dishes should not be done once a week.
  6. iPods and other iTems that cost money are only worth it if you use them incessantly (which I try to do).
  7. Cell Phones are complicated.
  8. God, Mr. Gothard, and Mr. Lyle are people I will never figure out (but that doesn’t mean I should stop trying).
  9. I like being nonconformist when it comes to things that don’t matter.
  10. Ice is easier to remove from a windshield when it has snowed first, THEN rained.
  11. Riding the train to places is cheap and a lot of fun.
  12. One should strive to eat three meals a day.
  13. In winter, you should not eat a popsicle when sitting next to an open window with bare feet.

There are doubtless more things I could dream up and foist upon your idle mind (idle because you have time to read all this), but I shall now go eat lunch and try to think of funny things to say to people tonight at dinner. Love All!

Written by Dave Dueck

December 2, 2007 at 1:35 pm

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