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Fridays (particularly ones with beautiful weather) are gifts from Heaven! A cool Friday evening, a gentle breeze and a bicycle make a wonderful combo, by the way. I biked down to the Graue Mill & Dam and was stricken by how gorgeous the evening was. While I sat down in a comfy spot by the dam and watched the magpies scavenge for shiny distractions, I was able to organize some of my more troubled thoughts and reconstruct my existence somewhat. The noise of the water going over the dam blocked out all other things that might have clamoured for my attention. I didn’t really think about anything deep. I was a little too tired for that. The deepest thought which entered my head was something like “Will this kind of thing get to be a habit? And will it be a habit I can share with someone later on in life?” After all, a beautiful evening on the river sometimes needs a beautiful person to complete the picture. All in God’s time, though. God’s time…

In other news, tomorrow we’ll begin final packing for the Nashville Conference. I still don’t know what I’ll be taking personally. Usually I don’t pack until the last minute, which in this case is any time before 3:00 am on Sunday Morning (apparently the deadline for takeoff). If you remember, please pray for me and the other video guys as we travel and work. I hate working over Memorial Day. On the plus side, maybe we can swing by Wendy’s on the way to Nashville. But in any case, this is my last post before I get back from the Conference in a little over a week. Think of meeee, think of me FOND-leeeee…


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May 26, 2007 at 2:20 am

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May 25, 2007

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Well, for those of you who know me and want some sort of update (and even for those who don’t), I am a student working in the Video Department of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. My life is complex, my hair is blond, and my coffee ALWAYS tastes good.

I have been working with IBLP since January and my time is almost halfway up already! I sure as heck don’t know where the time goes, but this one thing I know: God has been working in my life in incredible ways this year, and I’ll never be the same ever again. The biggest change has been in my basic personality: God has placed me in circumstances which FORCE me to be friendly and outgoing with people I hardly know. Once upon a time I was quite shy and reserved, but now, due to my wildly expanded horizons, I have reached a point where meeting new people is an exciting phenomenon, not a drudgery and something to be avoided. And the friendships I have built in the past few months will last a lifetime. Praise God!!
Work for IBLP Video is VERY hard: those of you looking for a Christian “film school” will have to look elsewhere. In IBLP Video, you will not learn film theory and three-act structure: you will learn how to work! You will learn how to crawl into tiny spaces which were never designed for anything larger than a shaft of light, pulling cables with you, in hopes of one day connecting them to their respective bits of equipment. You will learn linear and non-linear editing on 20-year-old equipment. You will learn how to put a DVD into its case! You will learn PowerPoint, Photoshop, Avid, live video switching, and way too much more! You will learn far more than how to point a video camera. You’ll be taught so much that there will be no way for your little noggin to retain the info, and after a few months your head will explode in a neat, though understandably gooey, fashion. But it’s worth it! It is SO worth it! Because it’s not just the Video Department: life at IBLP HQ in Chicago is incredibly life-changing. The people have a heart to honor God, and it definitely rubs off! I’m just in a state of ecstasy because of how God has caused me to grow, and I can’t wait to see what He does during the rest of the year!

Peace out,

PS: Feel free to enjoy my flickr photostream and me and my brothers’ media site at
PPS: How was Pirates 3?

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May 25, 2007 at 12:52 am

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